AT Transportation is startup private transfer Taxi Company located in Phnom Penh, Cambodia founded in March, 2017.We works with many tour agency in Cambodia to offers reliable, low-cost airport transfers by taxi, minivan, minibus and coach, transfer internal tourist from different places and bring them to Cambodia’s main attractions.

Our Vision:

We aim to be the first choice for international tourist seeking logistics support and local guide in the Mekong region.

Our mission:

To provide quality transport services and interpreting services to become a premium company with low-cost.

Our Value:

We smile to create a happy working environment from all Mekong’s airport. We do our best to make our clients feel safe and warm greeting.

Why book with us?

AT Transportation believes that "Cheap, Convenience, and Fast" should be the theme for Cambodia's tourism industrial competition. Informal businesses, particularly individual drivers, local tour guides, and accommodation host, to some extent, have not enjoyed the benefits from the tourism industrial booming. From my perspective, to have a sustainable growth in tourism industry, informal sector should play a significant function to provide affordable and convenience services to customers directly. Informal sector has less bargaining power. A.T Transportation will empower individual drivers, local tour guides, and accommodation hosts to communicate directly with their customers via the new online market space.

Our Support Agent:

Our highly motivated staff is one of our biggest assets. Our company consists of a 11 people staff: 5 professional drivers (equipped with the B and C Class driver’s license and over 2 years of experience in public transportation), 1 operator who coordinate our service, from receiving the call and email orders from the customer and solving any issue.

Our philosophy is one of gradual and continuous improvement of everything we do. We are engaged not only in the transport of people from point A to B, but in creating pleasant, comfortable and safe trip experiences.

Quality of Service:

  • Answering the customer’s call on time. Politeness in communication; Communication in bilingual foreign languages;
  • Taking the correct address of the customer, proving exact information on the time span the taxi will arrive.
  • Correct coordination to uses a system with the most advanced technology in the market, to manage the fleet of transport
  • New, clean and comfortable vehicles.
  • Polite drivers, attentive towards the customer, with many years of experience in this profession but also recently trained by the company to carefully listen to the customer’s needs, to be respectful and kind.
  • We take regular feedback from our customers to see how happy they are with our service and how we can yet improve.

Something amazing we built:

We are fully confident that we are the pride of Cambodia. A.T Transportation is a business innovation that will create sustainable impact in the future. Our online market space represents a new business model that enables various stakeholders, especially low-and middle-income informal business, to take part in our mission. We have dreams, the most powerful weapon, to empower individual drivers, local tour guides and hosts to have a better livelihood. With a group of committed entrepreneurs, we will develop a sustainable transportation system that offers individuals and societies various options of transportation mode to road safety and affordable in Cambodia.

Our innovation Solution

 We, AT Transportation, believe that small contributions can make positive changes in our community. Our team acknowledges that the best contribution we can offer is to better improve ourselves. We offer reliable and affordable cost transportation services for both domestic and international tourists to explore attractions and amazing unknown destination in Cambodia. We commit to find innovative solutions to reduce death and injuries from road traffic incident, and to improve transportation system in Cambodia.

Transport service is very limited in Cambodia. Buses and shared taxis are common means for local transportation. However, tourists mostly complaint about fares, seat arrangement, departure and arrival times, pick up/drop off service, road safety, customer care on board...etc. Besides, tourists are unable to explore abundant amazing unknown destinations in the country. Importantly, tourists have difficulties to find local guide who can aid, and cultural and historical information. Through our new online market space, A.T Transportation provides innovative solutions by arranging package of services, including transportation booking, tourism destinations advertisement, tour guide, and accommodation. We will become the first choice for tourists who seek premium logistic support with affordable cost, quality, and safety.